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Consistent with our mission, we feature posts that further any of the following goals:

  • Educating the public and policymakers about severe forms of autism and related disorders, and how they require special attention and services

  • Promoting serious discourse regarding policy reform and expansion of needed services to serve the growing population affected by severe forms of autism and related disorders

  • Promoting research into therapeutics for, neurobiology of, and causes of severe forms of autism and related disabilities

  • Promoting acceptance and awareness of individuals, families, and caregivers affected by severe forms of autism and related disorders by giving voice to their realities and needs

Any posts or blogs written by others (not signed by NCSA) represent the opinions and views of those authors, not NCSA. Posts written by individuals, and even by individual NCSA board members, represent the opinions of those individuals and not necessarily of NCSA. Individual blog or comment authors are entirely responsible for their own content. Inclusion of information in our blog or social media does not represent an endorsement, and omission does not imply disapproval.

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No bullying
We strive to keep our social media and blog safe places for constructive dialogue about experiences, science, and policies relating to the authentic and often difficult realities relating to severe autism and related disorders. We do not tolerate bullying, personal attacks, name calling, libel, defamation, or hate speech. We reserve the right to delete comments or block commenters we see as violating our principles or creating a hostile environment.

No plagiarism or posing
Please do not recycle other people's material. You may however link to relevant content and to quote from other people's work with attribution and any associated copyright notice and consistent with “fair use” principles of copyright law. 

Respect privacy
Please do not share anyone's contact information or personal information in your comments or discussions. 

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Please do not engage in advertising, promotion, recruiting, or soliciting. 

You are solely responsible for content you post
NCSA is not responsible for the content or opinions posted by its users. We do not and cannot review all user content. However, we have the right (but not the obligation) to review, screen, delete, edit and/or move any content posted, and also to block users at our discretion.

Violation of these guidelines can result in removal of your comments or posting privileges, at the discretion of the NCSA blog editors or social media administrators.